Purduepharmas.com provides our customers a variety of delivery modes, as you can see on our checkout page of our website, with free delivery options. We may also offer an overnight delivery option in affiliation with FedEx. Our other courier partners include US Postal Services, UPS, and DHL Express.

We are providing you a list of few conditions on which a customer may receive returns. It includes all these option:


If you may want to cancel your order, you should do it within three hours after your payment. After that time, we will send your order to the shipping department, and you won’t get any refunds of your payment.

No reception:

In a very rare case, if the order does not reach its customer within 2 to 3 days of payment processing, the purchaser may request a refund. But we will not provide any refund in the following reasons:

  • If the address of the customer is wrong
  • If there is change in customers address
  • The order’s delivery is at the correct address, but there is no one to claim the package of the order.

Ineffective products:

Purduepharmas.com is a well respected and one of the best online pharmacies. We believe in providing the best products to our customers. We’ll provide our customer 100% guarantee of our medicines if any customer feels that the product they are receiving is worthless. They may make a refund request to our website on the same day or the next day without taking too much time to contact us. We will make a full refund only if the medicines are not spoiled and delivered in the same condition of the product. We will not give any refund if the drugs are not in the same condition.

For buyer information, we will transfer your refund amount to the same account from which we received the payment from the customer.


You can ask for a reshipment of the products only in the following reasons:


In case of delay in product delivery, we guide the customers to inform the Customer Service Manager through their mail, chat, or phone, and we will check the status of your product from our end. We will arrange a re-dispatch instantly if we are unfit to track the order.

Damaged products:

Our shipping department makes sure that no damage to the product occurs while packaging. But we also provide free reshipping if the product gets damaged during shipping or on its way.